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Foggy Mountains


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*Not accepting clients until Fall 2022*

When working with clients, my primary goal is to help you feel safe. Whether this is your first or fifth time seeking a therapist, it can be a scary process. As we get to know each other, my hope is that I can earn your trust and confidence. I believe it is an honor and a privilege to be invited into your story. My hope is to be a nonjudgmental presence of empathy and compassion as you move forward in your journey. 

My specialities are in trauma recovery, mood disorders and self-harm. In my practice I utilize a combination of  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems and EMDR. 

When not working, self-care is a valuable part of my own recovery process. I can often be found biking around Tucson and enjoying the beautiful mountains that surround our city.  

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